What is DublLife®?

NOVOLEX™ employees create sustainable value through three paths


Product Design Sustainability Path—Sustainability is embedded in our products through: quality manufacturing, innovation, recycling, recycled content, and compostable offerings. From simple lifecycle improvements such as down gauging excess packaging to complicated recycling processes we continually look to improve our product designs and materials.  Five of the key sustainable design strategies we use are:

  1. Quality— Sustainable lifecycles start with product designs and manufacturing processes that reduce waste through efficiency and quality.
  2. Innovation—NOVOLEX™ continually assesses new substrate technologies, packaging design and market trends in order to lead the pack with new and more sustainable options
  3. Recycling—NOVOLEX™ Hilex Poly® brand is a leader in closed loop recycling with its Bag-2-Bag® recycling program that collects more than 40 million pounds of post-consumer bags and film each year.  Not only does NOVOLEX™ recover plastic resins but we also design packaging that is more efficient to recover.
  4. Recycled Content—NOVOLEX™ Heritage Bag®, Hilex Poly® and Duro Bag® brands invest in research and technologies that help increase the percentage of recycled content in our products. NOVOLEX™ is one of the largest consumers of recycled content in the packaging industry keeping 100s of millions of pounds of paper and plastic out of landfills each year.
  5. Compostable Offerings—NOVOLEX™ has a portfolio of plastic and paper products that meet ASTM standards and local regulations for compostable packaging.

Sustainable Education and Research Path—NOVOLEX™ understands that sustainability includes customer and consumer education as well as understanding and embracing new technologies.   NOVOLEX™ is an active member of trade associations and programs that educate consumers about packaging reduction, recycling, composting and recycled content.  We also take part in programs that improve our understanding and sustainable practices as well as provide third party certification of our products.

Some of our partnerships and certifications include:

  • Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellowship Sponsor
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition How2Recycle.info program
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified by the Rainforest Alliance
  • Biodegradable Products Institute
  • The Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries
  • The Society of the Plastics Industry
  • The American Progressive Bag Alliance
  • A Bag’s Life Program  –  and others

Sustainable Expert Path—While every employee at NOVOLEX™ is committed to sustainability, we also support full time sustainability experts that research and implement sustainability innovations, conduct community outreach and education, participate in academic and trade association research, work with customers to improve their sustainable product portfolio,  assess our sustainability portfolio and develop paths toward increasing our own sustainability at NOVOLEX™.

Check our product section to see what sustainability solutions we can provide you with.