Responsible business practices and ethical conduct are fundamental to every aspect of our operations. We hold every member of the Novolex family accountable for acting responsibly at all times as part of our commitment to fulfill the expectations that our customers and society have of us. As vital business partners, we expect our suppliers to abide by the same principles for responsible business conduct while at the same time providing us with the highest quality products and services.

The Novolex Supplier Code of Conduct provides our suppliers with expectations for their behavior on a broad scope of activities. The Code addresses the need for suppliers to adhere to laws and regulations and adopt policies and practices that respect human rights, strive to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, promote the health and safety of their employees, promote data security and prevent bribery and corruption, among other provisions.

As part of our commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct, we provide suppliers and their employees with access to the Novolex Ethics & Compliance Helpline that can be used to report potential violations of the Code. The Helpline utilizes an automated system that facilitates an efficient assessment and investigation process.

Reports through the Helpline can remain anonymous and confidential and be made without fear of retaliation.

To make a report through the Helpline and speak to a specialist 24/7/365 in multiple languages:
Call 1-888-852-6208 Toll Free 24/7/365

To make a report online please visit:

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