Novolex’s™ Duro Bag® brand is a leading manufacturer of paper bags and sacks in North America. Equipped with an extensive range of applications, Duro Bag’s capabilities are offered in grocery, retail, pharmacy, food service, and other industries. Some innovative concepts that are available to customers include specialty bags for direct food contact, a large selection of handled bags to suit any need from food service carry-out to high-end retail, and advanced printing. The Duro Bag® sustainability story includes a 40% and 100% recycled content bag, a full line of FSC® certified products, and a strong leadership in compostable bags.Duro bag product collection

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All Dubl Life® Products are Made with Recycled Natural Kraft Paper with 100% Recycled Fiber

• A strong alternative to virgin resin
• Made from recycled corrugated cartons
• Maximum reduction in virgin material use
• Darker shade of brown than virgin natural kraft paper
• FSC® chain of custody certified paper
• Natural kraft color promotes artisan image to packaging
• FDA Compliant paper for food contact

The Strongest Recycled Paper on the Market!

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